Monday, July 15, 2013

Thank You

This blog entry is different. It is not about what we have done. It is about what others have done to make this project a success.

First of all, thanks to the Davis Foundation for their generous grant that enabled us to conduct the project. After we received the grant, Kathryn Davis passed away, may her soul rest in peace. We will always remember her and her vision of peace.

Thanks to Mohammed Junior Humper, the manager of Leilema guest house, for hosting us for around 2 months. By hosting us, he enabled us to save a lot of money that we used to buy more zinc instead of using it for lodging. Also, thanks to all the workers at the guest house for taking care of us.

Thanks to Paul Sengeh, also known around here as the giant Mr. Sengeh. He helped us with planning the community events, contributed financially to the project, hosted us in Freetown and most importantly, took care of us as if the three of us were his children.

Thanks to Mary Fullah for providing a mosquito net, helping with the closing ceremony and taking care of our visa issues together with Mr. Sengeh. Also, thank you for the beautiful clothing you gave to us.

Thanks to Growth Centre, our community partner. They made sure things are ready before our arrival, took care of our food and answered our calls whenever we needed help.

Thanks to our professors at Macalester who wrote our recommendations and gave us advice. Also, thanks to the staff at IGC who helped us with the paper work.

Thanks to all the people who made our fundraise a success, alums and student of UWC, Macalester and our friends and relatives. With your support, we were able to fund $2500.

Huge thanks to the Brownie Troop 75023, a group of young scout girls from Boston. They made the biggest financial contribution to our project after the Davis Foundation. Your work and contribution is really impressive!

Thanks to MJ, Vandy's aunt in Bo, for hosting us and providing food that is cooked with love.

Thanks to  Mr. Naddaf, also known famously around UWCM as Gaby, and Mrs. Best for hosting us during the time we spent in Maastricht. They treated us like their children and took care of us.

Thanks to Vandy's roommate's mother, Jennette who helped us tremendously. She established the fundraising website for us, helped us get additional funds, and most importantly, believing in us. She is the 4th member of our Kpetema team!

Thanks to the Mongiat family (Jan, Mark and the rest of the family) for helping us with several arrangement before our departure. I am sure they have been following the blog religiously. Thanks to Gogo for her prayers, they have helped us a lot in this project.

Thanks to the Graf family for all their contributions to our project both financially and in spirit. We appreciate it a lot.

Thanks also to Dorothea and David, who helped Andrea not only before but will be helping after the project.

Big thanks to Alexandra Mclaughlin for reviewing the proposal of our project so many times!

Special thanks to my parents (Mohammed and Ana Mansour) and Andrea's parents (Liliana and Daniel) who supported us financially and spiritually. We are who we are today because of them.

Thanks to everyone who followed this blog. More than 2000 people checked the blog from more than 50 countries around the world!

Finally, thank you the people of Kpetema for hosting us, taking care of us, working with us and making us feel like at home.
Stay tuned for more blog entries! Vandy will write about his last visit to Kpetema, which will be during the first week of August and we will also upload more photos soon.


  1. Thank you Omar, I cannot wait until I see your pictures. Mark Mongiat

  2. Gracias a ustedes Omar!! con hijos como vos, Vandy y mi amada hija Andrea este mundo es cada día un poquito mejor!! Los quiero mucho! Liliana.

  3. Gracias a ustedes Omar!! con hijos como vos, Vandy y mi amada hija Andrea este mundo es cada día un poquito mejor! Los quiero mucho! Liliana.