Saturday, July 13, 2013

Project summary in photos.

The first community event at Kpetema. We introduced ourselves and talked about the objectives of the project.

The people of Kpetema collected the sand, prepared the sticks and made the blocks before we arrived. This helped to reduced the cost a lot.

Andrea working with the people of Kpetema on preparing the roofing nails.

Unroofing of one of the buildings.

Putting the sticks together before putting the zinc sheets.

Putting zinc sheets on the mosque. It was the first building we finished.

A house after putting the zinc sheets. This house is the chief's house.

Working on the foundations of the second toilet.

The first toilet when it reached ground level.

Omar putting sand in the hole around the second toilet.

Fixing the frames for the doors of the toilet. Omar is adding cement before putting the blocks ( or at least he was trying to learn!)

Vandy plastering the first toilet ( or at least trying to)

The first toilet ready to be painted. It took around 3 weeks for us to get it to this stage.

The carpenter from a nearby village working on the doors for the toilets.

This is the second toilet painted and ready to be utilized.

Stage 1 of the soap production: cooking palm oil, adding blue and caustic soda.

Stage 2 of the soap production: letting the mixture cool down and dry.

Stage 3 of the soap production: cutting the soap into smaller pieces for distribution.

Stage 4 of the soap production: the soap is ready for packaging.

Distribution of the soap during the last community event. Each adult in the village received a packet of soap for free.

The pipes of the well at Kpetema. Fixing the well was not part of our project; however, not having safe and clean drinking water would hinder all of our efforts.

Putting back the different parts of the well including the new parts we bought.

A kitchen at Kpetema. Many people took the lead to built their own kitchens outside their house. Cooking indoors is unhealthy (since wood and sticks are used) and destroys the zinc sheets.

The entire community of Kpetema.

A glimpse of how the houses look with zinc roofs.

The committee that the people of Kpetema created to get the local materials before our arrival and to coordinate the project with us.

Collecting the removed thatch to be used for kitchens or taken away from the village. While unroofing and removing the thatch, we found bats, rats, insects and many other things!


  1. Well done. The pictures speak volumes about the efforts you guys put into the project. I am sure when you lie down and think of the hard work you will be satisfied, never minding the rains and hunger you encountered. Paul Sengeh

  2. tía Mechi y LucíaJuly 14, 2013 at 12:55 AM

    ANDRU, estamos en casa con Lucía y viendo las fotos que subieron. Realmente me conmueve todo lo que veo y es tal como me lo iba imaginando. Me da ternura verte tan comprometida con todo eso. Por fín, pude apreciar a Omar y a Joshep .
    Hermana, te mandamos muchos besos, prometo después contestarte los mails.
    Te amamos.
    La tía y tu hermana favorita.

  3. Hija:
    Unas pocas fotografías son más explícitas que mil palabras.
    Es conmovedor ver el resultado de vuestro trabajo y especialmente el aporte que silenciosamente ha realizado la gente del lugar.
    Les hago llegar mis felicitaciones tanto a ustedes como a ellos.
    Un fuerte abrazo y Dios bendiga a ese pueblo.

  4. Wonderful pictures. I will have many construction questions for Omar on his arrival. I may have a project for you to help me with! We will see you soon. Mark

  5. Great job guys, this looks fantastic. Very proud!