Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Extra Photos.

 We are spending our last day in Bo. Tomorrow we will be leaving for Freetown. We will spend 5 days there before we head back to the States.

While we were in Bo we met with another Macalester student, Anoushka. She was working with a local organization for a couple of weeks.

Kumba, a Sierra Leonean student that just graduated from UWC South East Asia came to stay with us and help us with the project for a week.

Omar's best friends. These are the peppers that people here add to the food.

Pineapples, this is how they sell them in Karlu, the village next to Kpetema.

Coconuts on the tree.

Gari production. Gari is made out of cassava roots.

These are cassava leaves from the farms of Kpetema. Cassava leaves are also used in cooking, they pound them and make a sauce that you eat with rice.

Palm oil production. In this picture women in Kpetema are pounding palm nuts. Palm oil is used for cooking and also for soap production.

Groundnut plantation (peanut).

These are the farms of Kpetema, where they plant groundnut, rice, cassava, and even palm trees.

Art on one of Kpetema's windows.

A class on how to wash hands in the local primary school.

A new canoe made in Kpetema.

People in Sierra Leone have exceptional abilities to put and balance objects on their heads.

Andrea painting the toilet doors.

This picture was taken early in the morning, on the road to Tiwai island.

The tip of Tiwai island. It is an island in a river. We took a speed boat to get to the island.

The shores of Tiwai island. Tiwai means 'big island' in Mende, the local language.

Fire ants in Tiwai.

A red colobus (monkey) in Tiwai island. If you look in the center of the picture you will see it jumping from one tree to another.

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