Monday, July 22, 2013

Andrea and Omar last days in Sierra Leone.

They say nothing last forever, oh well guess the adventure for Omar and Andrea in Sierra Leone has come to an end.
Andréa was introduced by the priest (we have met him before) to the congregation at the end of church service yesterday, It was interesting that the priest knows a little bit of Spanish, which they spoke. 
After the church service, Omar and Andrea had to say goodbye to my relatives and we visited few places in Freetown including the Lumley and Aberdeen beach.

Today everything seemed to be going really well apart from the heavy rain that accompanied us to the airport.

We had a very good meal this morning before leaving for lungi (where the international airport is located). They also bought the CD of their favorite Mende Sierra Leonean Musician named Bobby and we ate a lot of groundnuts.
We were also lucky to get a free car ride to the airport from one of my dad’s friend.

Finally it was time for them to say goodbye to me. It was sad that they had to say goodbye and for a sec I wished that we could have traveled together. We had become one and did everything together, I will miss them a lot and can’t wait to reunite with them in 3 weeks.

Anyway we hugged each other so hard before they proceeded to check in. I realized that indeed my Davis Peace Project buddies have left but yet the work we did together is having a positive mark on the people of Kpetema. I will go back to Kpetema on the 5th of August to check/see how the facilities are being used and also to check the progress of the soap production.

They will arrive on the 24nd and I hope they have a pleasant flight!!!!!!! Goodbye :(

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  1. Joseph: Muchas gracias por todo lo que vos y tu familia han hecho durante la estadía de Andrea ahí, sin duda ha sido fundamental para la feliz concreción del proyecto! Nosotros estaremos siempre dispuestos a recibirte cuando quieras visitar Argentina.
    Un abrazo.
    Liliana de Grimaldi.